Carol Moses

Carol E Moses, a visual artist in Massachusetts, USA, works in watercolor and oil painting, and portrait photography. Influences include mathematics, science and nature, and a drive to communicate, describe, record. In portrait photography, her work includes five Image and Interview series, with subjects in the US, Iceland, Shetland, and Germany done on site, and Bulgaria, done remotely.

In painting, Moses sets aside her ‘logical’ thinking tendency. Her themes are connection, relation, isolation, distance. The colors and forms resolve or enact forces, and balance. Moses also creates word-paintings, with text and paint, in response to confusion, grief, or other thoughts, and makes small black and white drawings when away from the studio.

Moses founded and directed a community gallery, receiving a grant from NLT foundation, and continues to curate and organize exhibits. She shows regularly in Boston, and has been chosen for three international residencies, in Reykjavik, Leipzig, and with World of Co, in Sofia.


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