Deb Putnam

As a plein air artist living in South Boston, I find a limitless source for my paintings. Sunny days you will find me painting on neighborhood street corners or in downtown Boston. When painting outdoors is not possible, I work in my South Boston studio on larger scale paintings, portraits and other figurative works. What interests me most about plein air city painting is how sunlight breaks up form when it falls on an object. I see the city as an urban canyon where shadows caused by the surrounding buildings create an unexpected pattern of dark and light. There is something extraordinary about working outdoors in the city, hunting a site, being immersed in the noise and action as well as interacting with the community. With my choice of subject matter such as old buildings and nightscapes I hope to pay homage to a disappearing landscape. It is a common occurrence for my chosen subject matter to be a victim of urban renewal after I paint them. In my portrait, figurative painting and old photograph inspired work I hope to celebrate both an intimate and universal moment in time for the viewer. The shared experience of family and mealtime makes a frequent appearance in these works. My oil paintings can be found in local art exhibitions.

I hold a BFA in painting from Mass College of Art, am a member of the Portrait Society of America, Quincy Arts Association, and Fort Point Artist Association.


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