Domingo Martin Barreres

The son of acclaimed painter, Domingo Barreres, Domingo-Martin Barreres’ own passion for artistic expression first established him as a premiere barman, gathering an international audience for his creative cocktail stylings. As a novice to the scene in 1989, he found a way to mix his love of art into this newfound world behind the bar. A palette for the palate. His unique approach to visual cocktail composition did not go unnoticed by the shakers of the industry. He soon found himself consulting and performing on the global stage.

His signature cocktail art can now be enjoyed and imbibed far and wide. From Mexico City to Dubai, London to Bogota, Abu Dhabi and beyond. He and his cocktail art have been featured in numerous print and online periodicals including Vogue Magazine, GQ, Boston Magazine, The Improper Bostonian, Stuff Magazine, Spirit Magazine, Camille Styles and Poise Boston. These imaginative elixirs have also earned him many accolades and awards, including Top 10 Most Inspired Bartender’s in America for GQ Magazine, Bombay Sapphire Gin and the United Bartender’s Guild.

He had also done a great deal of computer graphic art work during those years, attracting clients from around the corner to around the world. His new paintings, in his self-dubbed ‘Baroque Pop’ style, meld the state of the art with traditional disciplines. His affinity for computer generated imagery, and his embrace of ever evolving technologies, guide his continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new innovations, to boldly go where he has not gone before.


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