Mario Kon

My Work is about  movement, process and natural forces. I approach it with a sense of mystery. Many of the pieces seek to express the interaction of time and energy as it exists in the universe. The imperfections on the surface and within the material begin my creative process. I identify with the essence of the material. Negative and positive spaces are held together by the way light touches the surfaces achieving balance between opposing forces.

My approach is aggressive but restorative. I cut, carve and chip the layers of the material as a means to reveal it secrets, which until now have been held by the process created during its production.

I divide space using lines and curves that in time become shapes. I feel and affinity for the visual tension that transforms space geometrically.

I take and organic and spontaneous approach to my process of deconstruction. How much I work on it and the colors I use is a reflection on my feelings. My work relates to drawing, painting, and sculpture, which I use as the tools for navigation during the process of creation.

 The physical and emotional forces that drive my ideas continue until I feel satisfied that every part of the work speaks to me with a sense of completion. Only then will I consider the piece to be finished.


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