Martin Berinstein

Martin Berinstein was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a young child he became
mesmerized with the rays of light from a slide projector as it passed through small
bottles of water. His fascination with light has lead to a life long career as a photographer. His work has been exhibited at Harvard University, the Boston Public Library and the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. Berinstein’s wide range of photographic subjects include architecture, airplanes and dancers. In recent years he has returned to his bottles in which he photographs the mysterious dance between liquids and solids. His studio is located in Boston’s vibrant Fort Point Artist Community. @ The first Artists’ live-work Limited Equity Cooperative in Massachusetts.

“My tools are simple, photographic camera, light, water, liquid dyes, and transparent glass forms such as old bottles, magnifiers, or glass balls. My photographs capture the fleeting results of their interactions. I purposefully do not call them experiments; for I am not attempting, to render visible the invisible; nor am I documenting, the workings of phenomena in a scientific way. Rather, like a child, I let random play its part, limit manipulation to a minimum, and allow the camera to witness the endless variations, surprising structures, fluid motions, and subtle hues of the elements I work with. The photographs are simple vehicles for wonder, emotions, memories, and interpretations, whether mine or those of my viewers.”


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