Nathan Bourque

 47-year-old Nathan Bourque excels at painting abstracts of various sizes and shapes, applying very carefully considered layers of color. His acrylic paintings are stunning. According to Nathan, a former college math professor, born on pi day (March 14th), he has a mathematical mind that is fast at work while he paints.

He was always a very gifted athlete. He excelled as an elite soccer goalkeeper, playing on a club team in the Western Massachusetts Men’s League while attending the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Nathan had his dream of playing professional soccer cut short when he broke his neck after falling from a third-floor balcony on his graduation day from college.

 Nathan was at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in 2017, recovering from a life-threatening infection. While in rehab, he was introduced to painting. It started as a fun activity, turned into a hobby, and is now a profession. Both of his parents are professional artists. So, it seems only natural that this talent is expressed in a subsequent generation.  He currently lives in Boston.


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