Nedret Andre

Nedret Andre is a fine artist whose abstract landscape paintings are inspired by the sensations of life within seagrass beds; the color, the energy, and the interconnectedness of species. She is fascinated by all the different types of marine species and how they coalesce in their rich ecosystems. Through her research, volunteer work, and collaborations with marine ecologists, Nedret brings to light the critical role seagrass plays as a vital part of the marine ecosystem. From capturing carbon to storing carbon and providing storm protection, seagrass offers a hideout for baby scallops to rest while they mature. 

In her landscape painting, she represents the idea of seagrass being a place of coming together. She does this by working in layers and contrasting the drawn elements with flat areas of color. All her paintings have a tactile quality represented by surfaces that fade in and out. Thickly applied paint areas are contrasted by diluted paint. These tactile experiences are akin to how Nedret experiences the seagrass meadows when she volunteers during restoration projects. 

She paints gestural abstractions that fuse bold marks and unusual color combinations, as bright pinks lay softly in the underpainting, cooler flat paint sits on the surface of the canvas, as linear elements of seagrass and vegetation move the viewer from one area to the next. Her charcoal line is its own entity. Nedret allows traces of previous marks and colors to show through. She begins each painting with thin washes of diluted oil colors. She then lets them dry, and like watercolor, she layers the next set of colors.

“I paint the atmosphere, light, the beauty of life, and loss of these delicate ecosystems. My paintings are a “documentation” of these fast declining habitats. Through my art, I hope to bring about greater awareness and appreciation for the protection of fragile seagrass meadows.” 


Studio Tour

Nedret Andre is a full-time SOWA artist working in South End, Boston. “My abstract oil paintings are process based; exploring color, texture, mark-making, and gestural drawing. I love the way oil paint drips, flows and makes terrific unexplainable combinations. Most of my paintings since 2015 have been about our environment, more specifically about seagrass habitats. My work is inspired by eelgrass restoration projects and my collaborations with local marine ecologist.”

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