Olga Shmuylovich

I am an artist working in many media; in 2D, 3D, 4D. I have shown my works Nationally and Internationally. Have created and directed dozen and a half of Interactive Collaborative Art Projects for Multiple Participants (concept is my); curated numerous shows for different galleries including Midway Gallery at Midway Artist Studios.  

Won number of Awards and Public Grants.

I was born in Russia, St. Petersburg. Graduated, with BA and MA, from Saint-Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design. 

Since 1992 live and work in the USA.

I have my studio at Midway Artist Studios since 2010, always taking part in the FPAC Open Studios, as well as other activities of FPAC such as exhibitions, fundraisings, Lending program, etc.

Currently curate ‘’89’’ Midway Virtual Art Salon at Midway Artist Studios.

My artworks can be found in the collections of: Brandeis University Art Collection; Hillel Center, Cincinnati, OH; City Hall, Louisville, KY; Jewish Museum, Lithuania; private, communal, and corporative collections in the USA, Israel, Germany, and Russia.                                                                                                                    

I am affiliated with: Fort Point Arts Community, ‘’Aleph’’ Group of Jewish Artists.

Have been teaching Art with children and adults.

Presently I am working as Art Instructor, leading, as well, Art Projects, creating and recording Art Presentations for public use, at the NewBridge on the Charles (Hebrew Senior Life).


Art Statement:

From shapeless matter are coming out shapes

Tender shadows – from blinding light

Color, affectionately, envelopes every form

Observation is in the eyes of the beholder – called forth from that very matter


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Olga Shmuylovich is an artist working in various forms of media. “I have shown my works nationally and internationally. I have created and directed dozens of interactive collaborative art projects for multiple participants, using my own concepts. I’ve curated numerous shows for different galleries including the Midway Gallery at Midway Artist Studios in Boston, MA

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