Bethany Ann Hunter

My media of choice is paint. As a painter, a woman, and an observer of nature, color and all feelings which are conjured up while interacting with this solid energy. I apply acrylics, watercolors, and oil paints onto a surface to define my subjects. Inspiration for my work comes from an unfiltered love of the world around me. Not just from the pureness of the items themselves, as in still-lives, but from the colors, shapes, designs and the impact the leaves, petals, pods and grasses have on the world around them. I seek to discover these items while moving among them. The treasure seeking is the introduction to my process. I then interpret my view of the item in that specific time and place. I see myself as a constant seeker of color. I compare my drawings to the excitement of meeting a new friend. I assign color to my subjects in the moment within the fresh emotion. How the paint interacts within the confines of the shape in my pieces is exciting to me. I enjoy using brights both warm and cool hues as well as metallics to capture my subject. Shape also plays a major role in my paintings. The strength of that shape specifically. The female form, the fertility cycles in humans, plants and weather inspire my colorful pieces. I use my love of antique botanical prints as a continued reference point. My work to date has been inspired by the Impressionists, Modernists, specifically Georgia O’Keefe as well as many wonderfully talented local artists I’ve viewed within my travels this last year. The time of Covid has given me the time and space to be able to sit with my subjects, live with them for a longer period of time prior to interpretation. Resulting in this body of work. 


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