Betty Yuen DeMauro

I am Betty Yuen DeMauro.  I have been creating and doing art all my life.  As an artist I feel the need to express myself and my art. I am an Asian-American Artist born and raised in Boston. I have a BFA in fine arts and illustration. I studied at Mass Art with an MFA degree. I am influenced by details, textures, colors and asian art. I like to use transparent mediums and rice paper in my collages. I create stories in my art work. I often tend towards making my images more detailed and textured and when I draw. I like to give a sense of movement in a 2d or 3d application. Although, this depends on my subject matter.

Cigar Girls Series: I am currently working on series on girls painted on Cigar boxes, I had collected cigar boxes and I loved how the wood felt and smelled. I try to used cigar boxes that are not all the same size or color. I am looking at the boxed as a canvas. Yet it is a recycled object that one function was to store cigars. When I paint and draw on the cigar boxes I just do it, I try not to think of what I want to draw. I just know it gonna be a girl. The characters just come to me. I love creating a mixed quilting and pattern effects, as their stage and background. the texture of the paint and the wood inspire my ideas. I leave the most of the labels of the cigar boxes and that influences the images.

My Collages and Paintings: A series of collage paintings that I created in 1990-2019 Garden series, and collage series. My intent in the collages is to create a mood or a feeling, as well as being inspired by asian materials and found objects. I love to use layers and textures to tell a story.


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