open_space(s): Juried Resident Exhibition

September 19–October 22

Open: this is what Midway Studios are when an artist arrives . Spaces of perpetual potential(s) , our studio spaces are open to fill or unfilled with whatever we need to create. They are a space to think, dream, design, innovate, to build, and rebuild. Our studios are open to whatever we choose, and openspace(s) showcases the result of this freedom. From sculpture to painting to drawing, interactive performance, and digital designs , open_space(s) is a multiitude of media and forms. A canophony of creativity , here Midway Artists demonstrate what happens when they have unfettered room to make, how they’ve used their open spaces.

Haley Abram, Lonnie Ash, Mario Avila, Anne Callahan, Nikolay Cherny, Dawna Davis, Sarah Anne DiNardo, Nate Evans, Leah Triplett Harrington, Mustafa Kaplan, Matthew Keller, Masha Keryan, Milan Kohout, John Korbas, Meaghan Korbas, Kristen Mallia, Reanna Marth, Billy McClain , Bobby McClain, Amy Baxter MacDonald, Sterling Mulbry, Kyungmin Park, Allison Maria Rodriguez, Olga Shmuylovich, Souther, Montana Wannasaveang, Mike Ware, Jamu White

The event is finished.


Oct 14 - 16 2022


8:00 am - 8:00 pm


Midway Gallery
15 Channel Center Street Boston MA 02210
Midway Artist Studios


Midway Artist Studios