Paper Making Workshop With Priya Dave

About the Workshop

Join FPAC’s Priya Dave she teaches how to make paper using recycled paper and cotton pulp, plants, and weeds. Bring your own flowers or leaves to embed into your paper and take your Handmade paper home. The workshop is free of charge and materials will be provided. 

This recycled paper making art workshop is open to all. The workshop investigates how recycled paper can be utilized in a useful, interactive way to connect with people. The workshop investigates the process of making paper, which is a sensory-based exercise that is helpful in trauma recovery. Papermaking involves the hands and body, and the soothing repetition grounds the person in the present now. The artist will lead participants through an easy process of papermaking, mindfulness, somatic therapy, and performance exercises.

About Priya Dave

As a multidisciplinary artist born and brought up in India- raised and observed in a conservative way that imposed many rules that felt both limiting and arbitrary. As a result, many suffer from mental health issues, which one might not be even aware of. This leads to Mental problems such as depression and feeling that one can’t trust their judgment and cannot make any decisions. To break this cycle of disempowerment and conservatism, she utilizes neuroscience-based research to understand the microbiology of a mentally affected person. Through her artwork, she aims to create an environment that maps the brain's physiological architecture, engages with the public, and helps audiences understand the brain's creative processes and the importance of Mental health as understood through neuroscience. Dave’s art practice includes painting, drawing, print and paper making, video installation, and video art. Although a neuron cell lacks color and is invisible to the human eye, she uses classical painting and drawing techniques to make neurons colorful and visible. Along with paintings and drawings, she uses video projections and immersive sound-based installations to stimulate visual, auditorial, and touch senses to create a safe space to heal. While Dave uses neuropsychology to give her art a degree of reality, the greater meaning of her art production is to raise the average person’s awareness of the beautiful machine that best characterizes our

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Oct 15 2022


10:00 am - 12:00 pm
FPAC Gallery


FPAC Gallery
300 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02210
Fort Point Arts Community


Fort Point Arts Community