To Hunt a Moon by Jeff Heyne, Artist Reception

Jeff Heyne:

The series, To Hunt A Moon, is a narrative of land ownership that unfolded upon me when I was caught trespassing on one of the largest cattle ranches in Steamboat Springs, Colorado by its owner. He asked if I was taking photos of his ranch, if I knew I was trespassing, and if I considered myself a kind soul.

I slowly answered yes three times.

From research I learned that in 1898 a hunting party of 200 Utes traveled from their Utah reservation to their traditional hunting grounds near Steamboat Springs, and were repelled by the US Army.

A newspaper reporter at the time quoted the leader of the Ute saying they journeyed to their ancestral lands, “…to hunt a moon.”

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He will also be at the gallery during Fort Point Open Studios on Saturday, Oct. 16, 12pm-6pm
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Oct 15 2021


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FP3 Gallery
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