Frannie R. Kronenberg

Frannie Kronenberg is a Primary Care Physician who enjoys mixed media acrylic
painting; it is her playful escape. She is drawn to the interplay of colors and textures in
her environment and in art. It is this relationship—its richness, vivacity, &
sensuality—that captivates her and energizes her. Her art-making process is dynamic
with constant tension; there are times when the outcome can be more about what she
removes than what she adds. She is inspired by the power of color as it affects our
experience of life. Her bright palette is as much of a reflection of who she is, as it is a
declaration of all that she loves. Artmaking was a struggle for Frannie during the
pandemic; as for many, it was challenging to make art amidst feelings of so much
hopelessness. Since getting vaccinated, she has resumed her painting practice.