Lee Graves

As the contemporary art develops, it is not just the work of art that has come to be defined in many different ways, but, the “context of art” has also become very fluid, dynamic and constantly changing.
From a very early age living in Taiwan, I had the opportunity to study the visual arts. I studied diverse approaches and styles of painting in Chinese tradition. After my family immigrated to United Stated, I studied the visual arts in the western tradition, majoring in painting and studio arts in University.
After graduating from university, I began working as product designer in the commercial gift industry. Through my years experience working in all areas of giftware industry, I worked with a great range of different genres- children’s illustration, graphic arts, commercial films and advertising- in order to create a new product lines for the gift industry. Giving my personal background and work experience, I believe deeply in notions of “inclusiveness.” My own artistic work, I am constantly drawing upon different traditions, different influences, themes and subjects.
Furthermore, the intersection of “borderlessness” in “ Contemporary Art” and “ inclusiveness” produces, for me, a very concrete moral position. Beyond philosophical and formal characterization of “contemporary” art. “borderlessness/inclusiveness” both in my work and in my life means striving to overcome prejudices in a productively rational manner.


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