Leo Sutcliffe

Leo is a creative young artist—living his best life and progressing each day—who just happens to have an autism diagnosis. During the pandemic, art has been one of Leo’s primary activities. Through his artwork, he remembers and gives recognition to the many things he loves, but that are on hold because of social distancing. Further, he uses artwork during PT therapy sessions that became virtual during the pandemic—working on balance and strength while he creates themed, chalkboard drawings. Artwork has been a huge source of happiness and self-regulation during such an unsettling time when Leo’s school and supporting therapies were abruptly halted. Leo’s favorite things to draw are animals, vehicles and various landscapes, from outer space to carnivals. Leo was the first youth artist to be featured at Dedham’s Mother Brook Arts & Community Center Open Studios last December, and he is currently part of their outdoor art exhibit “Convergence Reckoning with Our Times” running through the end of October. This past June, Leo had the opportunity to be featured as part of the Attleboro Art Museum’s virtual exhibit, and in May he hosted his own front yard art exhibit, as featured on the front page of The Dedham Times. All proceeds from Leo’s artwork support the autism community and the non-profit organization his family founded.