Dan Goldberg

I believe there is more to being an artist than just creating. This belief incorporates seeing, feeling and doing in a more humane and ethical way. During my decade’s long career, I have been inspired by the truths of nature. Nature never lies. My role as an artist is to take those truths and interpret them in a personal and profound way through the dramatic use of color, movement and texture. Oil paint with its rich and lush consistency allows me to explore and transform the canvas into a vibrant abstract language.


Studio Tour

Dan Goldberg is an painter based in Boston, MA. “Being an artist is not only about creating but also about how one feels, sees and interacts with life in a more humane and ethical way. I can’t imagine what it would be like not to create. The joy, angst, excitement, humor, curiosity, fear, laughter, passion, confusion and wisdom I’ve experienced, has allowed me to live a far richer life. “