Hannah Gagnon

As a child, she associated letters and numbers with colors. This synesthesia affected how she interacted with the world and images around her. She has always been fascinated with color and text, and how their combination with images are perceived through the eyes of others. After a childhood spent in fine arts classes in all mediums at the Currier Museum of Art school, she studied graphic design at the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University. After graduating in 2010, she began her career in advertising where she created and continued to cultivate an appreciation of the commercial art that surrounds us. She grew up haunting antique and vintage shops and was always excited by the vintage typography style of old neon signs, packaging, posters and patches. She began collecting patches as representations of that vintage style and appreciated they were small works of art in themselves. I realized these patches could be my medium. Using the patches as her color palette, she began sewing them onto textiles, creating collages that use color and texture to create a unique wearable portrait. She continues to collect her medium and while currently making jackets, she is expanding into creating other unique pieces of textile collage.

“I collage vintage textiles as wearable art, using mostly patches as the colorful palette to work from. My synesthesia allows me to see letters and numbers as colors and that, plus their geometry, informs the way the patches are collaged together. I am inspired by the vintage signage, packaging and clothing that surrounded me as a child. When I am creating a custom textile for someone, I am inspired by their personal history which will result in their emotional connection to the piece. I consider my work to be a wearable textile portrait.”