Nedret Andre

Nedret Andre is a contemporary artist in Boston’s SOWA district. Her abstract art focuses on ocean life within seagrass habitats. The inspiration for her gestural paintings come from being out in the field with scientists and helping with seagrass restoration efforts in Massachusetts. She received her BFA in Painting at Massachusetts College of Art and her MFA from Maine College of Art.

Nedret Andre work focuses on our natural world and the science around seagrass habitats. Her art brings light to the important role seagrass plays in our oceans health. She is fascinated with its role of being home to thousands of species, its ability to provide us with oxygen, to its ability to mitigate climate change. In her paintings, she allows for the marks and the colors to form her compositions. Each painting starts very fluid and develops as she continues working on the piece. Nedret uses washes of diluted oil paint to mimic water and layers opaque paint as she works through her abstract compositions. Nedret’s solo shows have included: Beacon Gallery, Chashama Spaces NY, Copley Square Hotel’s Art Square Gallery, FP3 Gallery, Enso Gallery, Hess Gallery, Artlery, Boston University, Stetson Gallery, and Touch Gallery.

Her group shows have included: Monmouth Museum, Danforth Museum, Walsingham Gallery, Carole Calo Gallery, Soprafina Gallery, Kingston Gallery, and Piano Craft Gallery. Her works are in global collections including Egypt, France, Germany, Korea, Norway, Turkey, Switzerland and the UK.

In addition, her paintings have been acquired by Mount Auburn Hospital, Cape Cod Hospital, and Danvers Bank, and are included in the deCordova Museum Corporate Art Loan Program. Two of her paintings are in a Public Arts Collection at Lasell Village.


Studio Tour

Nedret Andre is a full-time SOWA artist working in South End, Boston. “My abstract oil paintings are process based; exploring color, texture, mark-making, and gestural drawing. I love the way oil paint drips, flows and makes terrific unexplainable combinations. Most of my paintings since 2015 have been about our environment, more specifically about seagrass habitats. My work is inspired by eelgrass restoration projects and my collaborations with local marine ecologist.”