Steven Muller

Working in the arts has been a lifetime experience. I often work in series and for prior multiple years have been working on large scale hand altered photographs that I refer to as Ink Jet Reductions. Multiple photographs printed on large format paper, sometimes attached together then areas are masked, drawn into, scraped, and written into with a razor blade then chemically altered removing and re arranging the ink. Major themes revolve around the male figure and architecture.

Since the pandemic, and with short access to materials I started, and have been working on line drawings constructed with lines of wood, harvested from a woodpile, hand split to desired shape and dimension. These have morphed over the last three years from completely abstract to rather interesting chair constructions. This summer’s work has been chair shapes intertwined with lake trash, what I refer to as “rescued materials”, cut up beer cans, plastic balls, and buckets and flags. Very interesting 3d “drawings”, all wall hanging, creating incredibly cool shadows when exposed to light.


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