Theodora Earthwurms

I am a mixed media artist, utilizing acrylic paint, graphite, ink and collage with incorporated elements of natural and found objects. Most of my work centers around themes of gender, emotional expression, mental health, beauty and decay, and interpersonal connection. Visual motifs I often use in my work to communicate these themes are discarded items (such as flattened cigarette boxes or the contents of city garbage cans), human portraits and figures, digital elements such as iPhone text bubbles, collaged in photographs and replicated screenshots, bright colors accompanied by a darker wash, and natural forms such as leaves, insects, vines and flowers. 

I place fallen leaves beside discarded cardboard and iPhone text bubbles beside classically posed figures to capture a sense simultaneously of our connection to the Earth and belongingness as humans to nature, and also an awareness of the separation from the natural order that humans have due to our industriousness and continuous creation of waste. I like to explore the lines between man and nature, adulthood and childhood, the digital and the analog, and the old and the new.