William Frese

William Frese creates sculptures, abstract geometric drawings & fantastical skateboards. He has lived & worked in Fort Point at Midway Artist Studios since occupancy in May 2005. A graduate of The School of The Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University, his work has been displayed in numerous interior & exterior locations in Greater Boston, Cambridge & Portland, Maine. He also writes, records & performs
original songs on the bass guitar.

“Art resonates the most when it initiates an unanticipated dialogue with the viewer.” This interaction can be successfully achieved by placing art in an unexpected non-gallery/non-museum location. The ongoing Ideogram series are an example, small colorful objects placed at eye level on existing exterior structures discretely identifying the space as unique in some way.

Bill also has over 12 years of experience designing, prototyping, fabricating & maintaining exhibit interactives for local museums. “A good question is always better
than a great answer.”


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